Anti-ragging measures


Anti-Ragging Committee Members –

1) Principal, Golaghat Polytechnic - Chairman

2) Prof. K. Mudoi, HOD, Civil Engg. - Member-Secretary

3) Dipjyoti Bordoloi, Media Reporter - Member

4) Liladhar Saikia, Furkating outpost(i/c) Member

5) Raju Ahmed, NGO member Member

6) Ujjal Rajkhowa, Civil Society member Member

7) Zakir Hussain, Guardian -Member

8) Rajdeep Gogoi , SU Member, Member

9) Sadananda Kakati,  SU Member - Member-

10) Mriganka Brahma, Jr. Assistant - Member

Anti-Ragging Squad Members –

1) Siddharth P. Gogoi, Guest Lecturer(Mathematics)

2) Gautam Bora, Guest Lecturer(Bio-Medical)

3) Barbie L. Barhoi, Guest Lecturer(Mechanical)

4) Rajib Gohain, Jr. Instructor

5) Abhijit Goswami, Sr. Assistant

6) Anurekha Phukan, SU Member

7) Bhaskar Jyoti Sonowal, SU Member

8)  Gyandeep Saikia, Grade IV

9) Bhupen Saikia, Grade IV

Anti Ragging Committee

Golaghat Polytechnic has two committees to curb ragging in the college campus. 

1) Anti-Ragging Committee : 

2) Anti-Ragging Squad :

  The punishment to be meted out to the persons indulged in ragging has to be exemplary and justifiably harsh to act as a deterrent against recurrence of such incidents. The students who are found to be indulged in ragging should be debarred from taking admission in any technical institution in India. 

Note:  Any student facing ragging issue must contact the authority as soon as possible. 


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